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Hi Again! Sotu here. I'm the guy behind this page...Built by me and for me.

A Mechnical Engineer in transition to become a Full Stack Web developer. Progress has been a bit slow due to increased responsibility in my 9 to 5. But hey, even a 1% daily improvement by writing and reading code amounts to something in the long run.

When I'm not going through some JavaScript, you can find me playing chess online, reading or writing on Quora or daydreaming about complex code I saw and did not grok.

I have managed to add knowledge of the following technologies to my repertoire:

  • HTMLhtml
  • CSScss
  • Bootstrapboostrap
  • SASSsass
  • JQueryjQuery
  • Gulpgulp
  • Gitgit

I am continually improving my proficiency in JavaScript and it's frameworks. This page will be updated as I make progress.

Back End is also not out of the picture, with interest inclined towards NodeJS and Rails. I also have an eye for UI/UX.


Some of my project so far


A weather application created using the Openweathermap API. You can see the weather in your current location. The background changes depending on the weather condition. There is a button to toggle between metric and imperial units. Search input embedded with jquery autocomplete that allowed for the possibility to search the weather conditions of different locations. See the github repo here.

This application was built using the Wikipedia Open search API. The user can search Wikipedia entries in a search box and see the resulting Wikipedia entries. The user can click a button to see a random Wikipedia search subject. The github repo is here.


This is a static quote generator built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. No APIs were used. Instead, the quotes were stored in three different arrays,corresponding to the type of quote. The quote types were inspiration, love and life. The user can select among different types of quotes. The user can get the quotes randomly by clicking on a button. The user can tweet a quote if they wish using a the twitter button. Here is the github repository.